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UTS is a private university registered with the Ministry of Higher Education under the IPTS Act 555.

UTS is fully owned by the Sarawak State Government through the State Financial Secretary Incorporated.

Academic qualifications vary by programme.  Hence, click on the link of the particular programme of your interest and look up for the required academic qualifications.

All UTS’ programmes are accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

Candidates with a related / relevant and recognised Diploma qualification can apply for credit transfer up to 30% of the degree programme’s total credits.  Credit transfer can be given for subject where candidates have obtained Grade C, have about 80% syllabus similarity and have same credit value.

i) Purata Nilai Gred Kumulatif Akademik (PNGKA) – minimum 2.0
ii) Purata Nilai Gred Kumulatif Vokasional (PNGKV) – minimum 2.67
iii) Kepujian Bahasa Melayu 1104
iv) Kompeten semua modul Vokasional
v) Lulus Sejarah SPM

You can check all the programmes offered here

Currently UTS only offers the MBA Programme which is delivered during weekends/evenings (part-time mode).  Master and PhD programmes by research mode can also be undertaken on part-time basis.

Tuition fees are payable at the point of semester registration and based on the number of credits taken for the semester. 

Yes, tuition fees can be paid by instalment but subject to conditions.

Yes, there are two categories of registration fees as follows:

(a) One-off Registration Fees (payable once during first registration). The amount is RM 350 to cover for orientation and security deposit amount of RM 250. The deposit is refundable when a student leaves the university but subject to terms and conditions.

(b) Recurring Registration Fees. The recurring fees are payable for every semester amounting to RM 150 to cover for student insurance and resources.

The total registration fees payable for Category (a) is thus RM 350 + RM 150 = RM 500.

The total registration fees payable for Category (b) and following semesters is RM 150.

The above-mentioned amount is subject to review/change.

Effective January 2017, there is no more tuition fees rebate for new intakes.

Yes.  Click here for information on sponsorships available.

Yes, our Student Development & Services Centre (SDSC) will assist students to apply for PTPTN loan.

Yes, UTS has university accommodation for registered students but priorities shall be given to outstation students.

Click here for information on student accommodation.

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