Deputy Vice Chancellor's Office

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Office is committed to leading all matters related to academic affairs and ensuring that students receive excellent quality teaching. Academic matters concerning accreditation, teaching and learning, and resources for education and related areas fall within the scope of this office.

Welcome to University of Technology Sarawak (UTS).

The location at the heart of Sarawak within the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) is strategically placed the importance at the university.

UTS is a full pledged university in Sibu owned by the Sarawak State Government. Established on the 1st April 2013, UTS is equipped with the latest facilities to facilitate teaching, learning and research activities. UTS was awarded Platinum for the Green Building Index (GBI) and one of the beautiful campus in Malaysia.

The opportunities coupled with learning environment within the university is conducive in providing a platform for students to grow. These benefits will helps students to grow and create opportunities for themselves once graduated.

UTS focus mainly on the technical and engineering education, training and research to support Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). UTS, strongly believe that university can help the students to achieve the education and career goal as we offer numerous opportunities for you to grow. This would necessarily include leadership and critical thinking skills. Sarawak with the diverse community, it is our responsibility to ensure students receive excellent quality teaching and learning for a successful future.

It is an overwhelming to the students which will then graduate from UTS and starts its career. UTS role is not only to provide learning environment but also student’s exposure and experience.

In getting information on the university, I welcome you again and do browse our website in getting away queries or information that you required.

Thank you

Prof Ir Ts Dr Mohammad Shahril Osman

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)

Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohammad Shahril bin Osman
Position: Deputy Vice Chancellor
Extension: 368
Email: drshahril
Qualifications: PhD, B. Eng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (Loughborough)
Radhika anak Rahman
Position: Admin Officer
Extension: 365
Email: radhika
Qualifications: Bachelor of Computer Science (Information Systems)