For Local Students

Foundation Programmes

ProgrammesTotal Fees Per Year (RM)*
Foundation in Science10,000 
Foundation in Arts10,000

* Full sponsorship to cover the tuition fees for the Foundation Programmes are available for qualified Malaysian students (subject to terms and conditions).

Undergraduate Programmes

The tuition fees payable for undergraduate programmes are based on actual credits taken for the semester. The semester fees shown below are approximate figures only. Students with a recognised Diploma qualification for entry can apply for credit exemptions following the rules and guidelines established by the Malaysian Qualifications Agent (MQA).

ProgrammesCreditsYearsRegular Fees
(For non-Sarawakian)
Under UTS Scholarship
(For Sarawakian)
Under Bursary Scheme
(For Sarawakian)
   Total (RM)Per Year (RM)Total (RM)Per Year (RM)Total (RM) Per Year (RM)
School of Engineering and Technology (SET)
Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons)  135470,25517,56435,1288,782 11,241 2,810
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) 136474,01518,50437,0089,25211,8422,961
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons)  135470,89517,72435,4488,86211,3432,836
Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons)  129 460,75015,18830,3757,5949,7202,430
School of Business and Management (SBM)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) 120 348,65016,21724,325 8,1087,784 2,595
Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons)126346,43015,47723,2157,7387,4292,476
Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing 120348,94016,31324,4708,1577,8302,610
Bachelor of Technology Management (Hons)121 348,79016,26324,3958,1327,8062,602
School of Built Environment (SBE)
Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons)  1283.554,75015,64327,3757,8218,7602,503
Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Hons)120 365,02021,67332,51010,83710,4033,468
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Interior Design120 3.564,87018,53432,4359,26710,3792,965
School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM)
Bachelor of Computer Science  (Hons)1263.552,44014,98326,2207,4918,3902,397
Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (Honours)120356,71018,90328,3559,4529,0743,025
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Digital Media120 3.564,89518,54132,4489,27110,3832,967

* Note : Actual fees per semester for Bachelor Degrees will be based on credits taken by students for the particular semester. Figures shown in the year columns are only estimates.

Study loan is available from PTPTN. The tuition fees above are only applicable to local / Malaysian students. For more details and information, please contact our Marketing Office at 084-367300.

Postgraduate Programmes

ProgrammesTotal Course Fee
– Full Time (RM)
Total Course Fee
– Full Time
Under UTS Scholarship
Total Course Fee
– Part Time (RM)
Total Course Fee
– Part Time
Under UTS Scholarship
Master of Architecture (by Coursework)NIL17,000NILNIL
Master of Project Management (by Coursework)NIL11,450NIL12,200
Master of Business Administration (by Coursework)NIL11,450NIL11,800
Master of Science in Business Management11,0506,55011,7507,000
Master of Engineering13,0508,55015,75011,000
Master of Science in Applied Sciences13,0508,55015,75011,000
Master in Computing13,0508,55015,75011,000
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management18,25011,00016,95010,450
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering22,25015,00022,95016,450
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Applied Sciences22,25015,00022,95016,450
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computing


  1. UTS Scholarship is only available for Sarawak citizens. It is only applicable within the minimum duration of study. students exceeding the minimum duration of study will have to pay the Basic Tuition Fee in full. *If the student could not go for viva-voce examination on Year 2 Semester 2 (full time) or Year 3 Semester 2 (part time), the student will be charged the total course fee for the following semesters.
  2. 1 year of study is equivalent to 2 long semesters ; NIL – Not In Listed
  3. Every students by Research mode is required to register for a compulsory subject : Research Methodology which is 3 credit hours.
  4. Other Fees are inclusive of: – Study Resources Fee (RM100 per semester) and – Security Deposit (RM250 payable upon registration, refundable).
  5. All the above fee excludes fee for research expenditure, recurring fess, dissertation/thesis re-examination fee, fee for appeal to review the examination results, fee for appeal for review of dissertation/thesis.

For International Students

Foundation Programmes Tuition Fees 

Duration (Years)

Fees Per Year (RM)*

Foundation in Science  13,000.00
Foundation in Arts 1    13,000.00

Undergraduate Programmes Tuition Fees 

Duration (Years)

Fees Per Year (RM)*

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons) 4 22,830.00
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) 4 22,455.00
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) 4 23,045.00
Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons) 4 19,830.00
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) 3 21,100.00
Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Marketing 3 21,227.00
Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) 3 19,980.00
Bachelor of Technology Management (Hons) 3 21,160.00
Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) 3.5 20,114.00
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture 3 28,220.00
Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) 3.5 19,743.00
Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (Honours) 3 24,563.00
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Digital Media 3.5 28,110.00

Postgraduate Programmes Tuition Fees

Duration (Years)

Total Fees  (RM)*

Master of Architecture 2 ±43,330.00
Master of Business Administration 1.5 ±30,000.00
Master of of Project Management 1.5 ±30,000.00
Master of Science in Business Management  2 ±18,000.00
Master of Engineering  2 ±19,500.00
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Engineering  3  ±32,000.00
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Applied Sciences  3  ±32,000.00
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management  3  ±26,000.00
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management  3  ±26,000.00