Lab & Classroom

List of classrooms, labs and facilities in School of Engineering and Technology

Civil Engineering (CE) Labs

1. Concrete Lab

2. Environmental And Waste Water Lab

3. Highway And Traffic Lab

4. Hydraulic Lab

5. Light Structure Lab

6. Soil And Geotechnic Lab

7. Survey Lab

Electrical and Electronic (EE) Labs

1. Electrical Lab

2. Electronic Lab

3. Control And Automation Lab

4. Communication System Lab

5. Power Systems Lab

Food Technology (FT) Labs

1. Food Analysis Lab

2. Food Microbiology Lab

3. Food Packaging Lab

4. Food Processing Lab

5. Food Sensory Lab

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Labs

1. Cadcam Lab

2. Fluid Lab

3. Material Lab

4. Metrology Lab

5. Static & Dynamic Lab

6. Workshop

Lecture Theatres

UCTS has 3 lecture theatres namely Lecture Theatre A (LTA), Lecture Theatre B (LTB) and Lecture Theatre C (LTC).

  • LTA and LTB (each has 190 seating capacity respectively) are located at the Built Environment Centre.
  • LTC (has 390 seating capacity) is located at the Management Science and General Studies Centre.




ARC Facilities

Computers & Internet Access Area

  • It is located on the ground floor.
  • Academic Resources Centre (ARC) has a total number of 100 computers (with Internet access) available to the students.

Study Area

  • ARC has a seating capacity for 500 students.

Reading Area

  • Comfortable reading areas have been created at various locations in ARC.

Discussion Rooms

  • ARC has 5 discussion rooms to be used by the students and each room can accommodate between 6 to 8 persons at one time.
  • The rooms are located on the first floor.
  • Students may use the room upon obtaining permission from the Librarians.

Student Centre

Proposed Technology and Science Park

UTS will be one of the very few universities in Malaysia to have its very own Technology Park.

The establishment of this Technology Park will enhance the ability of UTS to fully exploit its research and development capabilities through its research and development initiatives. This will also ensure that the students at UTS enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience at UTS where R&D initiatives become part of their learning environment.

In addition, the Technology Park will be the premier destination for both the local and foreign R&D minded individuals who are aspired to achieve excellence through research and development initiatives in areas such as Transportation & Logistics, Food Technology, Materials, Bio-Technology, ICT, Automation, Green Technology and Agriculture Technology.

Administration Centre