[N/545/8/0096] [MQA/PA9595]

Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences

Intakes: March, June, September & December

Programme Aims

The Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences programme aims to produce postgraduates in the area of scientific studies that are capable of fulfilling their professional demands in highly competitive global market with confidence, novel knowledge, as well as outstanding ethical and moral values.

Programme Objectives

  • To demonstrate substantial and up to date core knowledge of broad areas in applied science researches applicable to their field;
  • To design, carry out, and interpret research projects that generate new knowledge which advances the applied sciences;
  • To articulate the significance of their own work to their field in both historical and forward-looking contexts;
  • To demonstrate oral, written and media communication skills required to be effective communicants and mentors of peers, future scientists and scientifically literate citizens.

Details of Programme

  • Thesis (Core)
  • Research Methodology (Compulsory)
  • Proposal Defence (Compulsory)

Duration of Study

Full Time
Minimum: 3 years
Maximum: 6 years

Part Time
Minimum: 4 years
Maximum: 8 years

Entry Requirements

Applicants for the Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Science programme must possess:

  1. A Master’s degree accepted by the University Senate; OR
  2. Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree that are accepted by the University Senate.

English Language Requirements

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Tuition Fees

Programme Structure

Full Time

Part Time